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Oregon Wildflowers In Action

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Oregon Wildflowers In Action

As we approached the 2020 Presidential election, many of my friends asked me what they could do to help beyond their own vote. They knew I had been active with grassroots voter activation groups for several years, and they wanted real-world advice.

After mulling over how I could best help my friends get involved, I decided to launch a video series highlighting actions anyone could take to help others vote. This series, Vote+1, debuted in September 2020. Videos were a whole new medium for me; I'm a writer and am used to launching words out in the world, not my face or fashion! So I decided a small wardrobe upgrade was in order. I quickly realized I could reinforce my message with tee-shirts that carried messages of their own.

I chose the Oregon Wildflowers tee from Etta & James Junction because it gave me a quiet, lovely way to share my pride in and love for my home state of Oregon. Not only is it a beautiful place to live (its natural wonders are famous and diverse), it's a wonderful place to be a voter. Oregon is a 100% vote-by-mail state, so our voter participation numbers are some of the highest in the nation.

The tee shirt is soft, well-made, and beautiful, and the fit is superb. Even better, I got to support an independent artist with my purchase, not just some corporate shirt factory. I LOVE my Oregon Wildflowers tee. Thank you Etta & James Junction! - Asha

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