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Our Story


Coming home; it means something different to everyone. We all know that feeling, though, when a smell or taste takes us back to a happy place or time. Salem, Oregon is that place for me.

I have been gone for 35 years and recently came home to settle in Portland, Oregon. I have visited Salem and oh, how it has changed! The house on Silverton Rd., which I once thought of as home, is no longer standing. But every time I smell a yellow rose, I think of Grandpa's rose bushes. Carroll used to cut the perfect rose for "Ma" and place it on our round kitchen table. The room would smell amazing! This is home.

We have set out to create State pride shirts which go beyond the iconic designs every state has. We hope to bring people closer together, sharing in traditions that make you proud of from where you come. After all, home is where your story begins.