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Floating Away From Alaska

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Floating Away From Alaska

In Chris’ words:

Making our way from the western part of Alaska into the North Pacific, hoping for a break in the weather when the sun turned from shying and spite to warm and loving. When the ice had dripped its last tears of surrender to the flowers that would welcome us into the spring of the Pacific Northwest. A celebration of the end of icy cold and hard winds of where we had earned a living harvesting the bounty of the Northern waters. Passing the city of Seattle into the Duwamish Waterway, the glowing green hills and buildings shining in the sun, a city filled with possibilities and sights.

Lines now dragged upon the deck for securing the boat, sparking a light to the power of dreams and hopes we had before the season. Finally touching a road that did end a few miles away at the Bering Sea, and being free for a while to peruse a life of our own. 

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